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BEA Workshop for WebLogic

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SOA the Eclipse Way: Blended Application Development and Deployment

BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform 9.2 provides an Eclipse-based development experience for BEA WebLogic® Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enablement. Whether visually programming with Java frameworks that reduce development time, or programming with mature source-editing tools like Eclipse, BEA Workshop for WebLogic helps developers work the way they are most productive, reducing project-development labor costs. Blending Eclipse and Web Tools Platform not only contributes new features to the product, but it allows access to the wide variety of community plug-ins available. Create BEA WebLogic applications with Java, Java EE, unique Web Service capabilities, BEA WebLogic Portal, and Apache Beehive.

Категории: Web сервисы,J2EE,WEB
Версия: 9.2
Лицензия: Коммерческая, Бесплатная лицензия разработчикам
Добавлено: 2006.11.25
Обновлено: 2006.11.25
Сайт проекта: BEA Workshop for WebLogic
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