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Log4E is an Eclipse Plugin which helps you to set up your logger easily in Java Projects. It assists you in several tasks: logger declaration, logger Insertions at certain method entries, substitution of System out's, modification of already existing logger statements. Log4E has active support for Log4j, Commons Logging and JDK 1.4 Logging. By defining your own templates you might be able to adapt your own logger to the Plugin. Since version 1.0 a Free and a Pro version are available. Learn about the differences in the in the Change Log section of the homepage. The Pro version provides a 45 days trial.

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Категории: Генераторы кода
Версия: 1.2.12
Лицензия: Бесплатная и Коммерческая
Добавлено: 2006.11.11
Обновлено: 2006.11.11
Сайт проекта: Log4E

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