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Wolfram Workbench plugin для Eclipse

Wolfram Workbench is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Wolfram products such as Mathematica, gridMathematica, and webMathematica.

Programmers who want to develop code written in the Mathematica language can use Workbench to:


Project-Based Approach

Wolfram Workbench lets you group files of code and other Mathematica resources into a single component called a project. Many different types of files are supported, including Mathematica code, Mathematica notebooks, Java source and classes for J/Link, database specifications for DatabaseLink, and GUI widgets for GUIKit.

This view of a project's contents is very much like a file system, and from here you can close or open the folders to show their contents. You can also add and then work with any type of file that might be necessary for your work.
Files in Workbench

The Mathematica source code editor provides many important features, including:

If you open any file with Mathematica source code it will open in the editor, as in the example shown below.

Source code in the Workbench editor
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